Why did Greek Orthodox Archbishop Elias Tohme, accused of stealing money, leave Syria for Greece? — Timetables of Greek cities

Social media accounts and pages circulated reports of the theft of money by Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Antioch Elias Tohme, Archbishop of the Diocese of Wadi al-Nasara (the Valley of the Christians) in the western countryside of Homs in Syria, Enab Baladi reported.

Accusations of embezzlement and theft of funds from the Diocese of Wadi al-Nasara and foreign aid funds, estimated at billions of Syrian pounds, arose when he left Syria for Greece.

Other accusations of a personal dispute between a nun and the bishop that escalated into morality charges and other integrity-related charges also arose.

For its part, the Orthodox Archdiocese of Akkar and its dependencies have suspended all powers of attorney entrusted to Bishop Elias Tohme without disclosing the reasons.

The announcement, signed by the Metropolitan of Akkar and its dependencies, Basilios Mansour, was published on January 22 and indicates that the proxies issued by the archdiocese to appoint Elias Tohme have been cancelled.

Pursuit and spiritual isolation?

The charges against the Archbishop have not been officially announced by the Orthodox Patriarchate, which has not commented on any of the reports circulating.

The Antiochian Orthodox Center for the Media has made it clear that relevant church authorities are following everything related to the matter.

The Center underlined that the ecclesiastical authorities handle this issue with honesty and responsibility, and called for not adopting any news that is not officially published by the relevant ecclesiastical departments.

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The Metropolitan of Akkar said on Facebook that Archbishop Elias Tohme is visiting Greece for a spiritual retreat and visiting holy places.

The absence of clarification and the non-disclosure of confirmation or denial by the responsible and concerned religious authorities of what is happening in the Archbishop’s case, has aroused resentment and indignation in the Greek Orthodox community, according to what Enab Baladi observed from people’s comments on Facebook.

Statement from the Orthodox Archdiocese of Akkar and its Dependencies regarding the cancellation of the mandate of Bishop Elias Tohme – January 22, 2022.

Bishop Elias Tohme

Archbishop Elias Tohme earned a degree in civil engineering from Tishreen University in Latakia and studied theology at St. John Theological Seminary in Damascus.

He obtained a master’s degree in Islamic studies from the Pontifical Institute “PISAI” in Rome, a degree in religious studies from the Jesuit University “Gregoriana” in Rome and a doctorate in religious and Islamic studies from the University of Thessaloniki in Greece. .

He worked in the Diocese of Aleppo for two years and the Metropolitan of Acre appointed him as his deputy in the diocese in 2008.

He is the author of several books and translations, and has participated in several conferences.

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Tohme was appointed as an alternate counselor in the Clergy Disciplinary Board of Appeals, which was formed in April 2014, and he is the metropolitan in charge of the Diocese of Wadi Al-Nasara.

Wadi Al-Nasara is a collection of predominantly Antiochian Greek Orthodox Christian villages and towns, stretching from Hawash and Nazareth in the western countryside of Homs.

The valley has places of religious and touristic importance due to its content of churches and archaeological monasteries, such as St. George’s Monastery.

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