White House media tell Americans not to complain, but to lower expectations “like the Soviet Union”: “The Five”


The mainstream media, defending Biden’s White House amid the president’s polls, urged Americans to lower their expectations of daily living conditions instead of blaming the federal government for their new problems, the panel discussed on Wednesday on “The Five”.

Host Greg Gutfeld noted that some in the media have suggested that it is the fault of the American people if they do not like the situation in the country, whether it is inflation, shortage of raw materials. or other difficulties.

“Is it our fault, we have to lower our expectations, because it’s on us, it’s not on Joe,” he said. “How dare we expect the jurisdiction of our government – the overarching White House message for every issue has always been it’s on you.”

The “Gutfeld!” The host noted that Biden previously said his “patience is dwindling” with Americans choosing not to get the coronavirus vaccine – and that that mantra has now spread to those who complain about it. shortage of staff or bare grocery shelves.

“This is the argument that prevailed in the Soviet Union: you don’t like the bread line, don’t wait in the bread line. Eat hungry,” he said. “I would wait in the bread queue.

“America now has to face – we have to face decline – because the government and the media tell us that decline is necessary. It is not temporary, it is deserved. “

Democrats have essentially turned the inalienable right of “pursuit of happiness” into an “acceptance of fate” – what Gutfeld noted is how many other countries like the former USSR are “declining and perhaps dying.” “.

“It’s not in a bloody civil war, it’s a revolution sold to you as progress when it isn’t,” he said. “If America was patient, this White House would be happy to smother it with a pillow.”

After further panel discussion, Biden himself took the stage alongside Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf and Senator Bob Casey Jr., D-Pa., In his hometown of Scranton, where he again performed is campaigning for his socio-economic “Build Back Better” spending plan.


Prior to Biden’s arrival, the former Central Scranton expressway from Interstate 81 to the city was renamed “President Biden Highway“in his honor, and the city has announced that downtown Spruce Street will be renamed” Biden Street “, despite the decline of local businesses.

Biden began his remarks by speaking at length about the importance of funding passenger rail transportation, such as the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, aka, Amtrak, noting the “millions” of miles he has traveled on the Northeast Regional between Washington DC and what is now the Joseph R. Biden Jr. station in Wilmington, Delaware over the past 50 years.

The president claimed his multibillion-dollar spending plan would invest more in his preferred mode of transportation than what Amtrak started with when it took over the old Pennsylvania Railroad and other lines. private in the early 1970s.

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