What are the two biathlon events?

Biathlon is a staple of the Winter Olympics. A historic sport with a long tradition. But what is it exactly? What are the two biathlon events?

The 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics are almost here. The best athletes are preparing for Beijing and they are looking to represent their country and compete on an important international stage.

One of the most intriguing events of the Winter Olympics is biathlon, which is the unique combination of two radically different events.

What exactly is Biathlon? What kind of equipment do I need to participate in Biathlon? Skis and rifles.

2022 Winter Olympics: what is biathlon?

Skiing and rifle shooting might not be two sports that usually go together for most people. Jumping from one to the other seems like a pretty big leap, but there’s a ton of history and lore behind the sport.

Biathlon competitions have roots that date back to the 18th century, according to Olympics.com. In 1924, biathlon broke through and entered the Olympics and was known as the “military patrol”, a nod to the fact that the event draws inspiration from Scandinavian survival techniques as well as applications military.

According to Cornell University, the skills were used by Finnish skiers fighting off a German invasion during World War II. Cornell University also notes that there were ski troops from the Soviet Union, which would explain why Finland and the Soviet Union lobbied for the sport to have a place in the Olympics after the end of the Second World War.

There’s a proud tradition here and, while it may seem odd to some, it’s an incredible competition that celebrates an incredible history.

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