The schismatic OCU protests that the Polish Orthodox Church does not commune with its clergy

Kyiv, August 23, 2022

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Epiphany Dumenko, head of the schismatic “Orthodox Church of Ukraine”, recently wrote to His Beatitude Metropolitan Sawa of Warsaw and All Poland regarding the fact that the Polish Church has not established canonical relations and dialogue with its structure.

Dumenko protests that the Polish Church has approached the Patriarchate of Constantinople, which established the OCU with the Ukrainian and US governments in 2018, with concerns about the activity of the OCU’s ‘clergy’ in Poland, and that the Polish clergy refuses to concelebrate with or common OCU “clergy”.

The text of the letter, approved by the OCU Synod of Bishops, has been published on the official OCU website.

Dumenko begins to recall the creation of the OCU in December 2018, and the tomos he received from Constantinople in January 2019.

“The Ukrainian Orthodox Church was canonically created and recognized as an autocephalous sister Church…”, he writes, “Therefore, we see no canonical basis, except for a subjective bias, which would prevent the establishment of a normal order of communion between our local Churches.

However, Dumenko is well aware that the Polish Orthodox Church and the majority of local Orthodox Churches actually reject the creation and supposed autocephaly of the OCU, pointing to the anticanonical way in which Constantinople has acted in Ukraine.

Meet. Sawa reiterated the Church’s position in an interview last week, specifically stating that Dumenko is, in fact, not canonically ordained.

The situation of lack of relations between the Polish Church and the OCU is aggravated by the fact that so many Ukrainians now find themselves refugees in Poland, writes Dumenko, unacknowledged.

“It is with pain that we receive the testimony of many examples of how the hierarchs and clergy of the Polish Orthodox Church not only refuse to concelebrate with the priests of the OCU, but even deny them communion, treating like non-Christians,” he continues.

However, it is the Polish Council of Bishops that Polish Church Issues Official Statement: Bans Clergy from Communing with Ukrainian Schismatics in Constantinople“The Holy Council of Bishops prohibits priests of the Polish Orthodox Church from having liturgical and prayerful contacts with the “clergy” of the so-called Kyiv Patriarchate and the so-called “Autocephalous Orthodox Church”, who have committed much wrong in the past,” the statement read.

“> prohibited its clergy “to have liturgical and prayerful contact” with the clergy of the OCU. |  The schismatic OCU protests that the Polish Orthodox Church does not commune with its clergy |  news from paradisePolish Church: Allowing Schismatics in the Church Violates Orthodox Eucharistic UnityJust days after the announcement of the official recognition by Archbishop Ieronymos of the Greek Church of the schismatic “Ukrainian Orthodox Church” and Epiphany Doumenko as primate, the Polish Orthodox Church reiterated its firm position against the nationalist group. »> For the Polish hierarchs, recognizing the schismatics as part of the Church “violates the Eucharistic unity of all Orthodoxy”.

But since they are shunned by the Polish Orthodox clergy, the OCU “clergy” in Poland is therefore turning to the Catholic Church to grant them places to serve, Dumenko told The Met. Sawa, referring to another painful question raised by the Polish primate in his recent interview.

Since the OCU is an “autocephalous local Church”, the Polish clergy should turn to it, and not to the Patriarchate of Constantinople, if they have concerns about the activity of the “clergy” of the OCU in Poland, continues the head of the OCU.

Polish hierarchs also looked to Constantinople for an explanation |  The schismatic OCU protests that the Polish Orthodox Church does not commune with its clergy |  news from paradisePolish Church Protests Schismatic Hierarch’s Visit to PolandPolish Orthodox Church hierarchs are upset that a schismatic “Ukrainian Orthodox Church” “hierarch” is visiting their canonical territory.

> in January, after the OCU’s “metropolitan”, Alexander Drabinko, visited Poland without receiving the necessary approval from the Polish hierarchy.

“As a local sister Church, we honor and respect the canonical order and rights of your holy local Church. Therefore, we emphasize that our clergy is obliged to carry out ecclesiastical activities on a temporary basis among the Ukrainian refugees, because your holy Church does not have and does not offer them any other way to meet their spiritual needs,” says Dumenko , concluding with a call for dialogue.

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