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Metropolitan of Kazan and Tatarstan Kirill laid the foundation stone for the church

Photo credit: Rinat Nazmetdinov

The foundation stone for the foundation of the new church in honor of the icon of the Holy Queen of All was laid in the Levchenko settlement. The Metropolitan of Kazan and Tatarstan Kirill performed the rite. Read in the report from Realnoe Vremya when the construction will end, with what money it is built and what other facilities will appear on the territory of the church.

Go see the holy queen of all to ask for help

Representatives of the religious community and city leadership gathered for the foundation stone ceremony. With the singing of It is Truly Meet by the Metropolitan of Kazan and Tatarstan Kirill himself, the devotees and all the participants in the ceremony made their way to the foundation pit. His Grace noted that the start of the construction of the church coincided with a great feast, the Intercession of the Theotokos.

“I wish that Mother of God, defender of Christianity, always protects our land, our families, everyone with her protective veil. The intercession of the Theotokos is especially felt now when people are sick and in need of prayers. It is necessary to pray for each other, for our extended family. The problem of one person living with us is everyone’s problem. The church of which we have laid the first stone is built for the consulate of many people in mourning and body ache. We’ll try to come here more often, help build this holy church with a prayer. We prayed here on the first day of construction, which means a huge responsibility lies with us. “

It should be noted that believers often resort especially to the Icon of the Holy Queen of All to free themselves from cancer.

Representatives of the religious community and city leadership gathered at the foundation stone ceremony

“Not just a place for religious services”

The construction site is located between the production buildings and the railway tracks on Rakhimova Street. According to the idea of ​​the architect and the management of the company Gran, who is the investor and the developer, the church will become the architectural focal point of urban engineering at the entrance to the settlement. In addition, author of the church project, architect and designer, professor at the Federal University of Kazan, member of the board of directors of the Union of Architects of Tatarstan, Marsel Iskandarov is convinced that the Holy Queen of all ‘Church will become a symbol of the rebirth of the entire microdistrict:

“Right now, it’s a pretty depressed neighborhood. But I hope our business will eventually make it a thriving and engaging site for citizens and guests. In fact, it aims to become a symbol of the rebirth of the whole neighborhood. When creating the project, I relied on two main moments. It should be borne in mind that today an Orthodox Christian church is not only a place for religious services but also a whole life of the parish requiring a lot of rooms – for a school, a library, a canteen, a pantry and other serving rooms. In addition, the demonstration of the sublime character of the style of the church is crucial during the construction of the church. Therefore, I followed some recognizable and acceptable external images of the architecture.

Marsel Iskandarov is sure that the Pantanassa will become a symbol of the rebirth of the entire microdistrict

Interior design has yet to be discussed

The dedication of the church to the Mother of God foresees that it will have the colors of the Virgin Mary, and sky blue is the first of these. The building itself will be without a pillar, will have three parts and a nave. The area of ​​the cathedral is about 300 square meters, the total area of ​​the plot is over 2,700 square meters. The territory itself will have locations for mass events, a space for children, parking. The project was developed for six months, but before that it had been actively discussed for about two years. Construction is expected to take two years. Nevertheless, the church will not open after this – work inside will begin, the side altar will be painted, an iconostasis will be created.

“The microdistrict does not yet have large stone churches, which is why we chose the Levchenko settlement, although we live in the Soviet district of Kazan,” the company’s general manager told Realnoe Vremya. of construction Gran, Leonid Anisimov. “I will not tell you the amount of investment in construction because it is our charity project, and by the way, the fourth. It is a sincere prompting of the soul, which is why we do not want to talk about earthly and worldly things. We have not yet started working on the interior design project for the church, this question is still open. Today there is already the foundation, the first stone has been laid so I think we will make a decision both on the interior and who will paint the church, who will do the iconostasis in six months.

“The microdistrict does not yet have large stone churches, which is why we chose the Levchenko settlement, although we live in the Soviet district of Kazan,” the company’s general manager told Realnoe Vremya. building Gran, Leonid Anisimov.

Kazan’s new adornment

The Holy Queen of All Church will be Levchenko’s first stone church. Nowadays, there is only a homonymous wooden church. But as its dean Archpriest Gennady Kolesnikov said, this church did not have a great consecration. This means that after the opening of the new large cathedral, the church will both be consecrated by His Grace on a large scale and will have a new name. It will most likely be consecrated in honor of Saint Luke. The two churches in Levchenko will operate simultaneously.

A church project in honor of the Mother of God. Photo courtesy of the Gran Construction Company

“We want to hope that, as is customary in the republic, this church will be erected entirely, by representatives of all ethnicities and religions living in Tatarstan. We believe that this amazing church will not only meet the needs of believers, become an ornament of Kazan, but also promote peace and harmony in our country, ”said the head of the Committee for Communication with Religious Unions of the Department of Internal affairs of the Administration of the President of Tatarstan, Albert Dirzizov, said at the stone laying ceremony.

The deputy mayor of Kazan Denis Kalinkin congratulated the participants for the event and also thanked the city leadership for the help in the right business. After the end of the stone-laying ceremony, Metropolitan Kirill awarded Leonid Anisimov a medal of Saint Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

Anna Tarletskaya. Photo credit: Rinat Nazmetdinov


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