The door of the chained and padlocked church in the “vandalism” of the night

Romanian Orthodox parishioners woke up on Sunday to find their church door locked with chains and a padlock, in what they consider an act of “vandalism”.

The “vandals” repeatedly wrapped a chain around the iron knobs of the front door of St Roque’s Church, Valletta, and locked the chain with a padlock.

“They did this to prevent us from entering our church,” said the president of the Romanian Orthodox community, Father George-Alexandru Popescu. Malta weather hours after discovery.

“I first thought that someone from our parish or St Paul’s parish might have decided to lock the door like that. So I contacted them. But no one we know did, so it must be another act of vandalism.”

The police are investigating.

The incident follows another act of vandalism on the same church last November, when vandals dumped oil and petrol on the forecourt. This incident also happened on a Sunday night.

At the time, Popescu said Malta weather the incident was isolated and he had no idea who might be behind it, as the community has good relations with society and lives in harmony with other religions.

Police had looked at nearby CCTV cameras, but the case was still unsolved and no suspects were identified.

Popescu, who was appointed president of the Christians together in Malta foundation last March, says that to this day it still has no reason to suspect anyone, but plans to install CCTV cameras in the coming weeks.

“There was a first message and a second. Who knows what the third message will be and when it will arrive? We are worried,” he said.

The Church of St Roque is one of the Roman Catholic churches in Valletta and falls under the parish of St Paul, but the curia granted it to the Romanian Orthodox community for 25 years, allowing modifications to make it suitable for community rites and rituals.

It is estimated that 2,500 EU nationals are part of this community in Malta.

The chain and padlock, discovered around 8:30 a.m., were removed from the door with a crowbar by a parishioner later Sunday.

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