September 26 in New York Ranger History: Canada Partners with Summit Series


What Happened September 26th in New York Ranger History

On that date in 1972, Canada and the Soviet Union played in Game 7 of the Summit Series, with Canada winning 4-3 to tie the series at 3-3-1. The New York Rangers team made key contributions as Brad Park assisted on the first goal by Phil Esposito and Rod Gilbert scored his only goal of the tournament, assisted by Jean Ratelle, to give Canada the lead in the third period.

The Soviets’ most dynamic player, Valeri Kharlamov, missed the game after Bobby Clarke slashed him and broke his ankle. It was a seesaw game with each team exchanging goals and Canada won thanks to a fabulous effort from Paul Henderson with just 2:06 to play.

It was another lousy game with several scuffles and questionable refereeing. Dennis Hull was shot on a break without penalty, but Boris Mikhailov made a dive which resulted in Gilbert’s collision.

He got out of hand in the third period when Mikhailov and Gary Bergman tackled behind the Canadian net. A melee erupted and Mikhailov actually kicked Bergman twice, piercing a hole in his shin. The Canadians were furious as both players were given five major minutes for harshness without an additional penalty for the kick, the ultimate example of unsportsmanlike conduct.

Surprisingly, the Canadians rebounded from a 1-3-1 deficit to tie the series, winning back-to-back games in Moscow. He set up an in-game showdown eight two days later.

Today’s birthdays

23 NHL players were born on September 36, including two former New York Rangers.

John scott was born on that date in 1982 in Edmonton, Alberta. He was a left winger who played eight seasons in the NHL for seven teams, including the Rangers in 2011-12. The Rangers got him back on the trade deadline in 2012 and he played six games for New York. Scott is best known for being named captain of the Pacific Division team in the All-Star Game in 2016, despite scoring just one point in 11 games for Arizona. The NHL tried to deny him the honor, but he ended up playing and scored two goals and named MVP of the game.

Jack stoddard was born on this date in 1926. He was a right winger who played two seasons in the NHL for the Rangers. He had a long career as a top scorer in the AHL, but didn’t reach the NHL until 1951, when he was 25. He was the AHL’s leading scorer when he was promoted. Stoddard manufactures the quiz books for two reasons. In his two NHL seasons, he was the league’s tallest player at 6’3 “and was the first New York Rangers player to wear a number 13 uniform.

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