Scope of US-Japan Defense Cooperation Shifts South to Taiwan Strait | Taiwan News


Japanese Land Self-Defense Force soldiers. (US Army photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – National Defense and Security Research Institute researcher Huang En-hao (黃恩浩) released a report on Friday, August 6, indicating that the scope of the defense strategy of the United States and the Japan has gradually moved south, which will ensure the security of the Taiwan Strait and support Taiwan’s defense in the event of conflict.

The paper, titled “Observations of the expanded US-Japanese military exercise “Orient Shield 2021”Noted that this year’s Eastern Shield included 1,700 US troops and 3,000 Japanese ground self-defense forces and added space, electronic and electromagnetic warfare exercises to the program. Although the exercise did not identify a specific enemy, it is clear from regional developments that Orient Shield is a response to the security challenges posed by China’s expansion, Huang said.

He added that the exercise was originally intended to deal with threats posed by the Soviet Union and North Korea, but is now more focused on preventing a possible Chinese attack on the islands. Diaoyu and in the Taiwan Strait.

Huang said the United States and Japan wanted to let China know that they were determined to keep the region safe. Thus, “Taiwan’s strategic military security position in the US-Japan alliance is evident,” the scholar said. Shifting the scope of their strategic defense south will help maintain security in the Taiwan Strait and strengthen Taiwan’s defense in the event of conflict.

This month alone, China conducted two naval exercises, one in the East China Sea from July 17 to 21 and the other in the South China Sea from July 27 to 29.

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