Romanians in Cancun found a chapel

As Romanians in Cancun, Mexico decided to form an Orthodox parish, the local Catholic archdiocese offered them a chapel to use for church service. “God took the first step towards us,” said Father Daniel Ene, Romanian Orthodox dean of New York, who traveled to Cancun between May 27 and June 2 to assess the needs of the community.

The Dean prayed with Romanians in Cancun and attended to their spiritual needs. Father Daniel Ene also had the mission of evaluating whether the new community could be welcomed in the Romanian Orthodox Metropolis of the Americas.

Marius Gabriel Lazurca, Ambassador of Romania to Mexico, joined the community during the Divine Liturgy celebrated in the Santuario Maria Desatadora de Nudos and welcomed the idea of ​​establishing a Romanian Orthodox parish, as there is a stable Romanian community eager for an active spiritual life.

We can add to this several thousand Romanians who visit the station annually. Fr. Daniel Ene pointed out that the path that leads to building a parish is difficult for a community and full of material, social and spiritual obstacles. However, with hope in God, love of neighbor and unwavering faith, all temptations can be overcome.

“God has ordered that the Catholic Archdiocese provide us with a chapel that we can use at any time, without special costs, and as such God has taken the first step towards us, and therefore, we will answer the call divine,” the dean said.

There is no Orthodox Church in the Mexican region of Cancun. The nearest belongs to the Church of Antioch and is hundreds of kilometers away.

Source: Basilica. Ro

Photo credit: Metropolis of America

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