Romanian Bishop of Canada for World Orthodox Youth Day: “Be in the light of Christ!

The Romanian Orthodox Bishop of Canada sent a message to young people on Wednesday, on the occasion of World Orthodox Youth Day. He urged them to keep the faith and grow in virtue so that they can overcome all challenges. “I urge you to be in the light of Christ!” writes the hierarch.

“This year is the Solemn Year of Prayer in the life of the Church and Christian life in the Romanian Orthodox Church. Reflecting on the importance of this theme, we are all invited to pay particular attention to prayer in our lives,” Bishop Ioan Casian transmitted.

“Through the effort of your parents and our prayerful attention at home and in the community, we have you, the young people, the present and the future of our church, here in the Diaspora. We pray that your aspirations, your enthusiasm, your purity and the values ​​of this time blessed by God will be defended and encouraged.

The hierarch quoted an exhortation from Saint Basil the Great: “We affirm that we must love and follow with all our strength those who can help us in preparing for the next life, and those who do not aim for this life, neglect them, as worthless” (Homily of XXII to young people).

“Even though the world we live in pushes us to be superficial, indifferent to our neighbor and to live a fast life, we invite you to be wise and spiritual, grounded in prayer and faith,” His Grace said. added.

The bishop’s message continues with some advice for young people:

“Love him and feel close to Christ as brother, friend and relative, and thus you will have and feel the whole world around you and obstacles of all kinds will seem non-existent.”

“Be dedicated, present and active in churches. We are convinced that this will help your generation to discover and bear witness to the cultural, Orthodox and Romanian identity. Be proud of your roots!

“Cultivate and preserve the treasure of friendship with sincerity and fidelity, reject and discourage any form of aggressiveness and lack of love of neighbor.”

“Cultivate beauty and plant with enthusiasm and dedication the joy of giving, in everything you do.”
“Let your actions and thoughts be humble. Be humble to your parents, to your teachers, and to your peers, as the first witness of humility, Christ, did. Trust in His help.

“Let your spiritual joy, your noble thoughts and the hopeful enthusiasm of your youth be your guide. Share them around you! May the Orthodox faith be your foundation, your guide and your support here in Canada.

“I urge you and I wish that at the time of old age you look with joy and optimism to the generations that will come after you, as we look to you.”

“Eternal life is obtained through love of God and neighbour. Of all the trials of these troubled times, nothing will help us more than deep prayer, unshakeable faith in our God, in our Saviour, in the Holy Gospels, in the Church, in the Holy Sacraments.

Bishop Ioan Casian concluded the message to young people with a blessing.

In June 1992, Syndesmos, the World Orthodox Youth Organization, proclaimed February 2 as World Orthodox Youth Day.

Photo credit: Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Canada

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