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Americans old enough to remember the prediction “We are going to bury you” pronounced by Nikita Khrushchev, Prime Minister of the Soviet Union from 1958 to 1964, might still recall some of the “a few words of choice” they pushed in response.

Khrushchev, who was adept at making predictions about a demise from the United States, despite pursuing a policy of “peaceful coexistence” with what he liked to describe as the capitalist West, entered retirement – forced retirement or by choice – without seeing America fly the communist red flag.

“We don’t have to invade the United States; we will destroy you from within “, Khrushchev had said.

Of course, this did not happen, although there are now Americans who wonder if the United States is in danger of such “inside” scenario, although without the direct involvement of Russia, which arose from the proverbial ashes of the former Soviet empire.

Reflecting on the events of the past two weeks, it seems the time has come for Americans to put together some new choice phrases in reaction to the thoughts expressed not by Khrushchev, but by current Russian President Vladimir Putin at an event. annual during which he answers questions from “ordinary” Russians.

On June 30, Putin challenged American leadership in world affairs, arguing that an era of American hegemony “Has come to an end” as he bragged about Moscow’s growing military might and its strengthened and more assertive foreign policy.

Depicting the United States as a waning power, Putin said the world is drastically changing and “Our partners in the United States understand this” and, at all costs, try to maintain their monopoly position.

For the well-being of this planet, it is important that the United States maintains its leadership position, even if there are changes of opinion and revised accents along the way.

The Wall Street Journal published the headline “End of American domination, says Putin” on a July 1 article on the Russian president’s question-and-answer session. But compare this message to President Joe Biden’s portrayal of the Kremlin leader as “To preside over a country increasingly isolated by sanctions and in economic difficulty”.

The past year has not been good for the United States due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the way out of this crisis continues to produce steady progress. Meanwhile, although Putin has continued to speak harshly, the future of Russia and the Russians is less optimistic, with a new wave caused by the more transmissible delta virus sweeping the country and has already doubled the number of cases.

Beyond that, Russia has worsening economic problems that are apparently too complex for Putin to make any substantial progress on his own.

Therefore, just as Khrushchev’s predictions about a doomed United States did not materialize, so too will Putin’s predictions about the end of American power in the world.

“Do you think that when two representatives with diametrically opposed opinions get together and shake hands, the contradictions between our systems will just disappear? “ Khrushchev asked for a day. “What kind of daydream is this?” “

If any daydreams were to be buried, they should be those that cast doubt on America’s resilience and its continued strong and important influence on the world stage, especially Putin’s.

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