Postal codes included in the Shreveport Guaranteed Income Program


Shreveport may soon launch a guaranteed income pilot program to help a select group of low-income residents.

Mayor Adrian Perkins is asking Shreveport City Council to approve a resolution to move the program forward.

Families selected for this program will receive at least $ 600 per month for one year. The money to fund this program will come from the Mayors for Guaranteed Income (MGI) coalition, the Shreveport Financial Empowerment Center (SFEC) and the United Way of Northwest Louisiana.

Data provided to the Council shows that about 46% of U.S. households have experienced serious financial problems, including running out of savings, difficulty buying food, paying utility bills, and paying rent or rent. mortgage.

The mayor’s report to council says:

A guaranteed income would allow beneficiaries to meet their most urgent daily needs and provide a cushion for unforeseen expenses.
Previous and ongoing experiences with guaranteed income programs have included some of the following outcomes for participants: better academic performance, substantial improvements in physical and mental health, significant reduction in predatory debt, and greater confidence in satisfaction of basic needs, without appreciable impact on the labor market.

Over 100 families could participate in this program and receive $ 600 per month for a year.

Here are the criteria to participate:

(1) participants must be single parents with school-aged children

(2) all income of the selected persons must be 120% below the federal poverty line

(3) Entrants will be selected from the poorest postal codes within the city of Shreveport limits including 71103, 71109, 71108 and 71129.

If Council approves the resolution, Shreveport will receive funds in the amount of $ 500,000 from the Coalition of Mayors for Guaranteed Income (MGI), and matching funds in the amount of $ 450,000 will be leveraged from others. public, philanthropic and private sources for a total of $ 950,000 in funding for this program.

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