ON RELIGION: Faced with modern chaos, priests need old symbols and truths | Faith and values


“Even the craziest of the conspiracy, what they say is not arbitrary,” he said at a meeting in Miami of the Southern Diocese, which I attended as a delegate. from my parish in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. “It’s like a wake-up call. It’s like an alarm bell that you can hear, and you can understand that the person sounding the alarm might not understand what’s going on. … They may think they have an inner lead based on what they have heard, and think they know what is going on. But the alarm is not necessarily a false alarm.

The chaos is real, Pageau said. There is chaos in politics, science, schools, technology, economic systems, family structures and many issues related to sex and gender. It’s a time when conspiracy theories of vaccines containing tracking devices echo decades of sci-fi stories, as millions of people navigate everyday life with smartphones in their pockets that allow for Big Tech leaders to research their every move.

This chaos will lead to change, one way or another, he said. The goal for church leaders is to listen and respond with images, themes, and Bible stories – as opposed to more acidic chatter about politics. The pandemic has been particularly difficult for the bishops and priests of the old liturgical churches, as life in their parishes is based on intimate sacramental acts, including confession, holy communion and anointing of the sick.

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