Lost Funds and Subsidized Loans for Women Entrepreneurs: How Incentives Work

the decree of the Ministry of Economic Development with the incentives for thefemale entrepreneurship was published in the Official Journal. The help consists of non-repayable contributions And subsidized loanssubsidized by 400 million euros provided for by the PNRR.

With these measures, we aim to encourage women to enter the business world. The decree finances in particular:

  • the new Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund;
  • the measures already launched such as New Businesses at zero rate, to support the creation of small and medium-sized enterprises and independent businesses, and Smart & Start, which supports start-ups and innovative SMEs.

The goal is to support at least 2,400 women’s businessesfacilitate the implementation of innovative entrepreneurial projects, support female startups with mentoring, technical-managerial assistance and work-life balance measures, create a cultural climate conducive to female entrepreneurship.

For the request it will be necessary to wait for a precise measurement of the Stake, but we already know that aid will be requested on the Invitalia site.

Lost funds and subsidized loans for women entrepreneurs: who is eligible and what are the requirements

the incentives promoted by the Mise aim to support women’s businesses, understood as workers with majority female participation and independent, of any size, with registered and / or operational headquarters throughout the national territory, already established and starting up. With these aids, the Mite aims both to create new businesses and to consolidate existing ones.

THE sectors concerned by the incentives are:

  • the production of goods in the sectors of industry, crafts and the processing of agricultural products;
  • provision of services, in all sectors;
  • trade and tourism.

Initiatives must also:

  • be carried out within twenty-four months from the date of transmission of the provision granting the facilities;
  • provide eligible expenses not exceeding 250,000 euros excluding VAT for investment programs which provide for the establishment andstart a new female businessAnd not exceeding 400,000 euros net of VAT for investment programs aimed at the development and consolidation of women’s enterprises.

Can apply for incentives:

  • women’s businesses created less than twelve months before the date of submission of the subsidy application;
  • self-employed women who have had a VAT number that has been open for less than twelve months on the date of submission of the request for relief.

People wishing to start a new women’s business can only apply for the incentives related to the creation and development of start-ups.

Lost Funds and Subsidized Loans for Women Entrepreneurs: How Incentives Work

The incentives made available by the Mise consist of non-reimbursable grants and subsidized loans, also in a combined form. the funding it has a maximum duration of 8 years, is interest-free and is not accompanied by any form of guarantee.

The form and extent of the subsidies are articulated according to the lines of action and the amount of eligible expenditure provided for in the investment programs.

In particular, for incentives to birth and development of women’s businessesconcessions only take the form non-refundable grant for a maximum amount equal to:

  • 80% of the eligible expenses and in any case up to €50,000.00, for investment programs which foresee eligible expenses not exceeding €100,000.00;
  • 50% of eligible expenditure, for investment programs that provide for eligible expenditure above €100,000.00 and up to €250,000.00;

The incentives for this development and consolidation of women’s businesses they consist of both non-refundable funds and subsidized loans:

  • for women’s businesses created for less than 36 months on the date of submission of the grant application, the incentives are granted up to the coverage of 80% of eligible expenses, equally in the form of a non-refundable contribution and in the form of subsidized funding;
  • for women’s businesses established for more than 36 months on the date of submission of the grant application, aid is paid as in the previous point for investment costs, while working capital requirements constituting eligible expenses are subsidized in the form of a grant.

Incentives for female entrepreneurship 2022: what are the eligible expenses?

Costs related to:

  • tangible and intangible fixed assets;
  • functional cloud services for core business management processes;
  • employees and working capital requirements.

All conditions and limits are set by the decree published in the Official Journal on February 1, 2022.

In addition, technical assistance services for management are planned for the beneficiary companies, up to a maximum amount of 5,000 euros per company, which can be used partly through the services of the managing body, partly in the form of vouchers purchase of specialized services from third parties. .

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