Jeff Bezos thanks Amazon customers and employees who “paid for it”



CNN’s Anderson Cooper spoke to Jeff Bezos and his brother moments after they returned to Earth. Bezos said the experience of flying in space was “amazing” and almost impossible to express in words.

Seeing planet Earth from its New Shepard rocket “went deeper to me than I expected,” Jeff Bezos told Cooper.

“The thing that was the most different for me was the view on Earth. It’s the thing that surprised me,” he said.

“You go up there, and it’s so small … It’s a little little thing, and it’s fragile and … highlights this point that we know theoretically, that we have to pay attention to the “Earth’s atmosphere. But it makes it really very powerful and real,” he said.

Bezos said he and his team had ‘traditionally’ had fun in zero gravity throwing Skittles at each other and trying to grab the candy in their mouths.

“Zero-G was definitely different from what I thought. But it was surprisingly natural to move around in this environment, which is not what I expected,” said Mark Bezos.

Jeff Bezos said his flight underscores his goal of space exploration, which he sees as moving heavy industry into space and keeping Earth for residents and light industry. He said it could take “several decades”.

“What we need to do is build a road to space so that future generations can take all the heavy industry and polluting industry on Earth and move them into space. So that we can keep this gem of a planet as it is, instead of ruining what we unfortunately could do, ”he said.

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