Jason Sharon of Home Loans, Inc. Deploys VA Loan Products to Give Back to U.S. Veterans


North Charleston, South Carolina – (Newsfile Corp. – October 1, 2021) – Jason Sharon of Home Loans, Inc. recently announced that its VA loan products are specifically for US veterans, with the intention of giving back to veterans Americans. The United States is attempting to repay the debt it owes its military veterans by facilitating their ability to obtain home loans, whether or not they are first-time buyers. Yet the process can be riddled with confusion, complications, and unnecessary costs.

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For Jason Sharon, founder and owner of independent mortgage company Home Loans Inc., his goal of protecting veterans from misleading claims and unnecessary spending is personal. He served in the US Navy for nearly three years as a radiation control officer and an additional 12 years and seven months as an inspector.

He also literally wrote the book on How to Navigate the Complicated World of Home Loans for Veterans, publishing “VA Mortgages Declassified,” a comprehensive 33-page guide on every step of the process, from basic training to. mortgage approval and credit rating advice to learn not to “get caught” when finalizing loans.

Home Loans’ rapidly growing customer base is a testament to how a straightforward, candid approach to talking honestly and openly about the mortgage process is what veterans are looking for. Sharon thinks it’s crucial that veterans finally have someone like him on their side to fight unnecessary fees and sky-high interest rates.

Despite what some might think, the government does not offer mortgages that veterans can use to buy a home. Instead, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, also known as the VA, effectively works as an insurance policy for a home loan that a veteran might take out. If a person fails to make their monthly mortgage payments and the lender forecloses on the house, the VA agrees to pay a maximum of 25% of the total loan amount to the lender.

This means that although the VA guarantees up to a quarter of the total mortgage amount the individual might need, the individual will borrow from a business. These commercial lenders may be more likely to try and charge unnecessary fees to increase their profits, even if there is no valid reason for the expense.

Sharon shares another important tip in the book, which is that it is possible to have more than one VA mortgage at a time, although many veterans are unaware of this by conventional lenders. Additionally, veterans can claim their VA loan eligibility more than once. “I believe this misinformation stems from the misconception that a VA mortgage can only be used to purchase a primary residence,” he writes in the guide.

Avoid the big banks and save money on the mortgage

These are just a few of the many complications Sharon identified with the VA loan process. The fuzzy math and complicated terms and conditions finally made him realize that it was about time the industry needed someone to help the veterans.

As Sharon notes in her guide to VA loans, two large anonymous banks typically provide the vast majority of this funding. But he cautions against using this traditional business route to apply for mortgages and instead considers working with independent companies like Home Loans, who will provide clear and truthful advice.

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, the small, family-owned brokerage company was launched in 2018. By that time Sharon had been in the mortgage industry for three years and decided to open her own business. His goal was to create a more generous loan option to secure the best possible mortgage for veterans, avoiding the dangers of central bank VA loans with punitive fees and hard-to-decipher information.

Sharon attributes her extensive experience with VA loans as the key to her small business success. “I’ve studied regulation in depth and had so many conversations with the VA that I know a lot more than the average loan officer about VA loans,” he says. That’s what prompted him to write his guide to loans, and he promises to give every client the same advice and support as the book.

When working with home loans, Veterans enjoy one-on-one support that ensures they receive the lowest possible rate on their mortgage on affordable terms and on a schedule that works best for both the buyer and the lender. . This disrupts the traditional approach of big banks to lending in which the lending investor can take the lead.

And his company goes the extra mile to educate clients so they feel confident in understanding the process of getting a home loan, not just taking the information they receive at face value. Home loans will help homebuyers learn to read loan estimates and read VA guidelines so they can verify what they are told. “I give my time and resources to anyone who needs help,” says Sharon.

Home prices and interest rates will continue to rise, even with potential declines in the future, and that’s why it’s always a good time to enter the housing market. Home loans exist to help veterans who finally plan to stop giving a landlord hundreds or thousands of dollars in rent each month and finally use those same monthly payments to build equity in their own home.

And Sharon puts her money where her mouth is – Home Loans is a no-fee brokerage, which means that when a customer gets a VA loan, the business is paid by the lender, not the buyer. With a smile, he says the only payment he expects to receive from veterans is to write a five-star recommendation for his business and give it two recommendations.

Reiterating her desire to help veterans, Sharon said, “Getting a mortgage is the first big step for anyone who really wants to start building wealth. And if I can be a part of that for veterans, then I’m really helping people create a better financial future. . “

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