How the Indian Church became a hotbed of disturbing politics



The independent status of Syrian churches is recent, and it comes after decades of bitter and bitter confrontations, wars of words and appeals to the Pope. Both rites now have dioceses also in Australia, North America, and the Europe-West Asia region, making them the wealthiest religious group in India, if not Asia.

Pala, along with neighboring districts, probably has the most compact population of the Syro Malabar Catholic rite. This also made it an important instrument in the political calculations of the state. It also makes him the target of suspicion, contempt and jealousy.

Church Metropolitan Mar Thoma has expressed disapproval of the bishop’s statement of the plan, scoffing at attempts to deepen community divisions in Kerala. Metropolitan Yulios Geevarghese of the Malankara Orthodox Church followed suit, demanding a public apology from Kallarangatt.

And then it is repulsion and opposition that accumulate from within. The more polite said the bishop spoke in turn even though drugs and radicalization were a national problem. He used a dog whistle, which heightened the Islamophobia that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Sangh assiduously stoke as they seek to gain a foothold in this politically important state.

Women’s groups, including those of the nuns who led a high-profile guerrilla war against sexual abuse in the church, scored one point, accusing the church of inventing “Love Jihad” to control the actions of women. women, especially their sexuality, while remaining blind to dowry evils and domestic violence.


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