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Photo by Karen McCutcheon
D. Hance Dilbeck Jr., center, president-elect of Guidestone Financial Services, is asked during the GuideStone report to SBC messengers on June 15 by OS Hawkins, who will retire in July as president and CEO.

President of GuideStone OS Hawkins thanked the Southern Baptists for their support, prayers, and the opportunity to minister to the 103-year-old ministry as he delivered his final report to the messengers assembled on June 15 in Nashville. Hawkins last year asked trustees to appoint a presidential search committee, chaired by retired Kansas pastor and administrator Steve Dighton. Last month, the directors unanimously elected D. Hance Dilbeck Jr., to become President-elect of GuideStone.

“For four months, we asked Southern Baptists to give us recommendations for the new director of GuideStone,” said Hawkins. “The search committee was determined not to turn to a research firm. They was just going to let the Southern Baptists name, and they were only going to consider who the Southern Baptists would name.

“Several nominations have come in, and it wasn’t long before Hance Dilbeck’s name started to climb to the top.”

After a period of transition and training, Dilbeck will become President and CEO on March 1, 2022, and Hawkins will assume the honorary and volunteer position of President Emeritus. Hawkins will have served almost a quarter of GuideStone’s history upon retirement.

Hawkins took the time to recognize his “right hand man,” John R. Jones, who served as COO throughout Hawkins’ tenure, as well as current chair of the Trustees Renée Trewick, the first black woman to lead. a board of directors of a Southern Baptist entity; and John Hoychick Jr., vice chairman of the board.

Dilbeck gave a brief salute during the report.

“My wife Julie and I have a deep love and respect for Dr. Hawkins and for Susie, and for their quarter-century of service to the Lord and the Southern Baptists,” Dilbeck told the messengers. “I am committed to follow him, doing my best to serve the Lord with integrity of heart and skill of hands. I am grateful to the Directors of GuideStone for seeing fit to entrust me with this stewardship, and I consider it an honor to serve the Southern Baptists with this great GuideStone team.

“We want to be a lifelong partner who helps you take care of yourself and your household. Our goal is that you can be well and do well so that you can serve well and end well so that one day you will do what we all want to do, which is to stand before our Master, the Lord Jesus. and hear, ‘Well finished.’ So I promise that I will do my best to serve you, and I ask for your prayers.

Hawkins said he and Dilbeck are committed to making this transition the smoothest transition in the history of any Southern Baptist Convention entity and, “God willing, a model for all the others to follow.”

Photo by Karen McCutcheon
OS Hawkins is speaking to SBC messengers for the last time as President of GuideStone Financial Resources after nearly a quarter of a century in this role.

During the report, Hawkins said that GuideStone’s 2018 relocation to new offices enabled the entity to withstand the pandemic and stay-at-home orders well. In addition, increased automation and the use of affordable and efficient technology have enabled employees to serve attendees and prospects from their homes as efficiently as when they were in the office.

“We didn’t fail to work from home,” Hawkins said. “As a result, we have just experienced, in virtually every measure, the best year in GuideStone history. “

August 27 will mark GuideStone Funds’ 20th anniversary, Hawkins said. Funds are where pension plan members can invest their contributions to help them meet their financial goals.

Hawkins noted that GuideStone Funds has twice won the Lipper Award for Best Small Fund Family in the past decade – in 2012 and 2019. These awards demonstrate GuideStone’s commitment to delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns while helping investors invest according to their values.

In healthcare, Hawkins cited the addition of Chu Soh last year as director of insurance. A graduate of the Air Force Academy, Soh ran one of the nation’s largest health-sharing organizations before joining GuideStone. Hawkins said Soh has brought new energy to health plans and, with his team, is considering a variety of options to continue to provide quality, affordable health care to the churches and ministries served by GuideStone.

Hawkins encouraged couriers to stop by the annual wellness center to receive blood pressure, blood sugar and other measurements. The wellness center sees hundreds of messengers each year and offers insight into their current health statistics.

In non-life insurance, GuideStone recorded a renewal rate of 98%.

“What this means is that we are here to serve people with their property and accident needs,” said Hawkins. “We want to serve your church. No one knows the church better than GuideStone. No one can insure you and your safety better than GuideStone and Brotherhood Mutual.

Hawkins cited continued success with his Coded series of books, the royalties and proceeds of which go to the benefit of Mission: Dignity, GuideStone’s ministry which provides emergency financial support to retired pastors and, in most cases, their widows near the poverty line.

Over 2 million copies of the books have been sold. This fall, a new book, The Prayer Code: 40 Bible Prayers Every Believer Should Pray, will be available. For calendar year 2022, book publisher Thomas Nelson will be taking his first book in the series, The Joshua Code: 52 Bible Verses Every Believer Should Know, and challenge churches to lead their congregations for a year of scripture remembrance. The books will provide a year of preaching while allowing the entire congregation to memorize the same scripture together each week.

“One of the things I want to do as I finish my run there and step into that President Emeritus role is that I want to make sure that we receive our spending grants for Mission: Dignity, ”Hawkins said. Spending grants help cover one-time expenses such as new dentures, glasses, or car repairs, in excess of their monthly fees. “I know of a multi-million dollar giveaway, the biggest giveaway ever given to GuideStone, and one of the biggest giveaways ever given to a Southern Baptist entity, will come to us in 2022. We’ll match that giveaway and look for it. endow spending grants at Mission: Dignity.

Hawkins pointed out that the checks provided to Mission: Dignity Checks are real fees.

“This check that we send each month to these Mission: Dignity recipients is not an SBC welfare check,” said Hawkins. “It’s a honorarium for what they never got when they were on duty and trying to make a living and never had a chance to, let alone save for retirement.

Hawkins concluded his final report by telling pastors that while their retirement savings might not be sufficient, they can be at peace that GuideStone will be there for the widows of these pastors, providing them with financial support.

With Mission: Dignity Sunday arriving on June 27, churches, small groups and individuals have the opportunity to give “double honor” (1 Timothy 5:17) to over 2,500 pastors, workers and widows across the country. retirement age at the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). GuideStone provides free newsletter inserts, promotional posters and a DVD with several short testimonials from people helped by Mission: Dignity. The documents are undated and can be used on June 27 or at any time.

Churches and small groups can get involved by:

  • Download or order free resources from MDSunday.org or by texting MDORDER to 41444 from a mobile device.
  • Share this link on social media to set goals, donate and encourage your friends to donate using the power of crowdfunding
  • Donate directly to those recipients in need by texting MDSUNDAY to 41444.

One hundred percent of every gift to Mission: Dignity goes to recipients in Mission: Dignity. An endowment established many years ago covers all the overhead costs of the ministry.

(EDITOR’S NOTE – Roy Hayhurst is Director of Faith Services and Public Relations for GuideStone Financial Resources.)

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