Fuel crisis: Russian media mocks UK and compares it to Soviet Russia, World News



The UK fuel crisis made headlines around the world. And the country is trolled, maybe on social media but certainly on Russian media. Presenters and journalists, at times smiling, compared it to Soviet Russia where the scarcity of everyday items or even food was almost a norm.

“The queues for gasoline pumps are like those for sausages that were rare in the Soviet Union,” an NTV presenter said. The new channel is known to be pro-Kremlin and is owned by Gazprom, the Russian gas giant.

NTV correspondent in London smiled as she waved The Times newspaper and showed headlines on the fuel crisis

“There is no gasoline, there are only newspapers that say the gasoline is gone. Last week they wrote that the food had run out, ”she said. “I wonder what’s going to happen next here?” “

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On Wednesday 29 September, long queues were again observed at gas stations in London. Pressure on fuel supplies continues despite UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying the situation is improving. Many gas stations were running out of fuel.

Panic buying has left gas stations in major British cities dry. Oil companies said they did not have enough truck drivers to transport fuel from refineries to gas stations.

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The government has put 150 British Army tanker drivers on hold and media have suggested they could be deployed in the coming days.

Industry groups said the worst fuel shortages appeared to be in London, the south-east and other English cities.

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