Dukanovic responds to Vucic: Srebrenica is not the Serbian shipyard, but the Bosnian shipyard



Montenegro President Milo Djukanovic yesterday commented on statements by Serbian state leaders and President Aleksandar Vucic regarding the Srebrenica genocide resolution, which was passed by the Parliament of Montenegro.

Djukanovic said this was nothing new and was reminiscent of previous media campaigns from Serbia, where as he said they were manipulated with information and there were stories that someone wanted to take churches Orthodox, as reported by RTCG.

“Even now, attempts are being made to manipulate the way this resolution condemns Serbia and the Serbian people, although there is a specific part in the resolution that the condemnation of genocide cannot be about the people, but the genocides have been committed by individuals, and that it is policy to make a clear distinction with individuals who have committed such inhumane acts, ”said the president.

He added that the leadership of the state of Serbia, with its comments, is causing enormous damage to this state and its people.

“If the responsibility of a nation is not mentioned and someone at the top of the state is forcibly trying to link the genocide to his state and his people, then it is self-destructive and there is no no cure for it. You cannot help them, they are systematically trying to attribute the indictment to Serbia and the Serbian people, which does not occur to us in Montenegro, ”Djukanovic stressed.

In addition, he said that Montenegro was not interfering in the court of Srebrenica, but in the “question of genocide”.

“Srebrenica is not the building site of Serbia, but the building site of Bosnia. Wherever genocide occurs, common sense politics must condemn it. It doesn’t matter whether it happened in Rwanda or in the Balkans… ”, Klix.ba written.



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