“Doing a parody of women is supposed to be progressive?; stunts like this only hurt the trans community”

Never one to mince words, Martina Navratilova lambasted the Ontario school board after allowing a trans teacher to wear a ridiculous outfit.

The teacher, identified as Kayla Lemieux, was pictured wearing large prosthetic breasts, a blonde wig and tight bike shorts while teaching a lesson. The local school board, however, allowed the extravagant costume, citing the need for transgender people to be able to “express themselves in accordance with their lived gender”.

“It is important to recognize the impact that dress code policies can have on members of the transgender community, in particular, it is important that employers make arrangements to ensure that these employees are able to express themselves in accordance with their lived sex”, the The statement from the Halton District School Board reads.

Martina Navratilova shared the news on Twitter, calling it “totally crazy” and saying a stunt like this only hurts the trans community.

“This is completely insane. Offensive beyond paleness. Stunts like this only hurt the trans community. Making a parody of women is supposed to be progressive?!?” she tweeted.

It’s totally crazy. Offensive beyond pallor. These kinds of stunts only hurt the trans community. Doing a parody of women is supposed to be progressive?!? twitter.com/TPostMillennia…

“We said what we mean, there’s not so much of a filter” – Martina Navratilova on her upbringing

2022 WTA Finals - Day 6
2022 WTA Finals – Day 6

Martina Navratilova has used her platform to speak out on a number of issues she strongly believes in, such as gender inequality, political controversies and more.

During a private lunch at the brand new WTA Finalsthe 18-time Major winner opened up about how she developed an outspoken attitude, revealing it often got her into trouble as a child.

“My family. We said what we thought”, Navratiolova said. “There really isn’t a filter and I had to learn one or I would get in trouble at school or at the (Soviet Union sports) federation. I always had to watch myself. who am I to tell this political joke, to make sure you don’t get called out by the authorities. I value freedom of speech,”

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