CT Man pays tribute to fallen police officers


Within the sadness regurgitated daily by most of our media is the story of a unique and remarkable man in Simsbury.

Kayle “Rooster” Knight has decided to commemorate the police officers who died on her 2010 Scion XB car. Knight explained to Hartford Current that he was fed up with hearing people constantly complaining about the police.

Knight has taken it upon himself to sticker the names of police officers and dogs who died in the line of duty until the end of September on his 2010 Scion XB. You may notice that his license plate reads “FALLEN” .

His scion currently includes the names of 347 officers, soldiers and police, along with their ranks and the states in which they served. He makes sure to update the conditions every month.

The names of the Connecticut police officers are reserved for the hood of his Scion. Check out this car beast before the decals!

Courtesy of the FB “Coq” page …

When he was 18, he was told he had ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and would not have passed 21. By the age of 50, even with a disability, he can attend 20-40 auto shows each year. , which makes him happy and busy.

Knight grew up as the son of the parents of the Virginia Beach cops, which is why law enforcement officers have a faint in his heart and always have.

His illness made his left arm useless, so all the work he does is done with one arm. Knight befriended many Simsbury cops who said, “We thank Rooster for his years of supporting and honoring the lives of the dead!”

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