Churches are the home of God, not places of war: Kerala HC


Churches are the home of God, not places of war: Kerala HC

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Kochi, Oct 6 (PTI) Churches should function as abodes of God and not as places of war to which some of them have been virtually reduced, the Kerala High Court said while calling for an end to factionalism in the Syrian Orthodox churches of Malankara to the state.

Judge Devan Ramachandran said all those who are part of the Syrian Orthodox Church in Malankara must abide by the 1934 Constitution and warned them against any “recalcitrance and belligerence” to abide by it, saying the court no ‘will not hesitate to resort to the police force to implement the Constitution of 1934.

“I must register at the outset that no court – and especially this court – will find pleasure in sending police or other forces to a Church for the execution of a judgment. However, if that court is pushed to this, this option will certainly have to be explored and the necessary force may have to be ordered, ”the court said.

He said that until October 26, the next hearing date for the case, police superintendents and officers under their command “will ensure that the areas where the constituent churches are located are protected from any violation of the law. law and order by any person “.

The court also ordered police to ensure that “no attempt to break the peace or commit acts of violence is tolerated or permitted by anyone on either side of the ditch and that property and the property of the Churches is sufficiently protected “.

The court heard several pleas before it, asking for police protection to perform religious services in churches belonging to the Syrian Orthodox Church in Malankara, given the differences of opinion between the Orthodox and Jacobite factions regarding the constitution to follow.

On Tuesday, the court was told by lawyers for both sides that everyone was in agreement to follow the 1934 Constitution.

However, lawyers for the Jacobite faction told the court that the Orthodox group would have been only concerned with taking over the Church and ousting anyone who was not of their choosing.

The two sides also told the court that steps have been taken by the heads of affairs of the old factions to find peace and appease the ongoing issues between them.

The court then reiterated what it said earlier on September 30 that “people who previously called themselves two factions will now have to understand that the litigation journey over the Malankara church is now over” with the court ruling supreme confirming the Constitution of 1934.

“Obviously, therefore, this tribunal cannot recognize factions within the Church of Malankara, nor can this tribunal approve any action by a person in violation of its 1934 Constitution. .

“Apodictically therefore, the vicar appointed under the 1934 Constitution shall be the chief executive officer of each of the constituent churches, and the clergy appointed under said constitution shall direct their services,” said the High Court. PTI HMP


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